Where do you want to stay in Japan?

House? Apartment? Hotel? Guest house?

But it costs a lot if you wish to stay those places.
Example rent, key money, gift money, Agency fee and it easily costs 3 to 4 months worth of rent. 

More cost need to consider : Electricity, Water, Gas, Internet, Maintenance fee, furniture etc…

Japan Share house cost

Share house cost is basically only rent + maintenance fee.

So it is very reasonable and you can mix with Japanese.
Share house is getting popular in Japan because share house was a topic on TV dramas, variety shows, newspapers, magazines and others.

People to stay in Japan Share house

Nationality: 40% of foreigners and 60% of Japanese.

Age: 20s and 30s

Type: Single, working people


Specialty of  Japan share house

If you wish do share house in England, Australia or other countries, you need to find the house with your friends or you need to find the owner who wish to rent the room.

Normally the cost is depends on number of share friends.

But Japan share house is managed by managing company.
The managing company lease the house from the owner and take charge of finding residents.

So the managing company will take the responsibility of renting, cleaning and also problems between resident.

Japan share house should be the best choice of staying in Japan.

You can find Japan share house here

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